Choose your adventure
Use 40 Winks as a home base while you explore the surrounding area.  
An abundance of minerals, pristine lakes, magnificent forests and
crown land offers new adventure with each season.  
  1. Go Fishing
    Go Fishing
    Bring your boat and travel around to the best spots on our numerous lakes. You'll find a number of boat launches in Highlands East. You'll be about a two minute walk to the bail shop! At 40 Winks you'll find maps in the command centre. See which fish are in which lake before you go! You'll also find lots of room to park your boat trailer.
  2. Play in the snow
    Play in the snow
    Get out in the snow and play. Build a snowman, go tobogganing or make a snow angel. There's lot of room to play in the good stuff. At 40 Winks there's a large yard to play in and a multitude of crown land and trails to enjoy.
  3. Enjoy nature
    Enjoy nature
    You don't have to be knowledgeable in the outdoors to enjoy the beauty of nature. Simply go outside and take a look around. Not a lot of pavement around here! You'll be able to enjoy the large yard and have a campfire in the read made pit. At 40 Winks you can lay in the grass, enjoy the wildflowers and hear the birds. Take a walk to the dam. The quiet, dead end road makes a great place to stroll.
  4. Visit a beaver dam
    Visit a beaver dam
    There are lots of them but there's one that we can count on to be there and be a good size year after year! A short kayak trip up river gets you right to this wonderful sight. You'll be a four minute drive to where you'll put the kayak in the water and about a 15 minute paddle to the beaver dam. At 40 Winks we can arrange for the kayaks to be where you need them and show you where to go.
  5. Go snowshoeing
    Go snowshoeing
    Snowshoeing is an absolutely wonderful way to get out into the bush in the winter and enjoy the quiet wilderness. You can talk to us about snowshoeing our private trails or get out on some of the public trails close by. At 40 Winks, we have lots of snowshoes we don't mind renting out so you can enjoy this wonderful sport.
  6. Swim in the lake
    Swim in the lake
    Lots of clean lakes to have fun in. Swim and play at a number of nearby, public beaches. Paddle boards and other toys are available for rent right next door! At 40 Winks, you'll find a cooler that you can borrow to keep your snacks and drinks cold at the beach. There's also a clothes line to hang all your wet stuff to dry.
  7. Come Geocaching!
    Come Geocaching!
    A great, family game. Geocaching offer something for everyone. Experience some of the best caches here in the Geocaching Capital of Canada! Find the Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour and GeoArt. Discover THE CACHE STASH right across the road at Agnew's General Store. At 40 Winks you'll find a Geocaching Command Centre complete with a pre-loaded GPS, maps and free wifi!
  8. Visit beautiful hideaways
    Visit beautiful hideaways
    The scenic beauty of our area is breathtaking. Simply go for a drive or a walk and take it all in. Lots of spots to just stop and smell the roses! At 40 Winks you'll find maps showing great bike paths and scenic drives.
  9. Horseback ride
    Horseback ride
    Make an appointment with South Algonquin Trails where you can mount a horse and head off onto trails winding thru Algonquin Provincial Park. You'll only be a 10 minute drive away. At 40 Winks you will find comfy beds to rest your backside after a day of riding!
  10. Get out on the water
    Get out on the water
    Bring your boat and get out on the water for some fun. Water ski, tube or simply cruise. Lots of lakes to explore around here! At 40 Winks there's lots of room to park your boat trailer.
  11. Experience Autumn
    Experience Autumn
    The forests are magnificent any time of year but the leaves turning colour in the fall is truly a sight everyone needs to experience. The bright yellow and orange leaves with the deep pink and red covering the hills is gorgeous. Come see what all the excitement is about, you won't be disappointed! At 40 Winks you are in the centre of town and can see the surrounding hills in all their glory. A drive in any direction will show you more and Algonquin Provincial Park makes a great day trip.
  12. Wildlife in real life
    Wildlife in real life
    Simply get out there and you're sure to find some form of wildlife to tell your friends about. The chirping of the birds will wake you in the morning but there's a lot more to see as well! Lots of ducks and loons on the lake, deer and moose, rabbits, raccoons and more in the forest. At 40 Winks we hope you won't see too much as you'll be in the centre of town but a short walk or drive will put you closer to nature!
  13. Go for a kayak
    Go for a kayak
    Bring a kayak, rent a kayak or talk to us about renting ours. Kayaking is a great way to explore the many lakes and rivers. At 40 Winks we can rent you a few kayaks and get them to the lake of your choosing.
  14. Local Shopping
    Local Shopping
    Wilberforce offers groceries, gas and alcohol; a garden centre, real estate offices and a restaurant; hardware store, post office, cache supplies, a pharmacy, giftware/clothing and ice cream and fudge! From 40 Winks, you can walk to any of these great places in under 5 minutes. You'll be right across the road from Agnew's General Store where you'll find your hosts.
  15. Rockhounding
    World famous for gem green apatite, deep purple fluorite and large crystals of collector minerals, Highalnds East is proud to offer pubic collecting sites. Find your FREE PERMITS to explore mineral sites right across the road at Agnew's General Store. At 40 Winks you'll find a garage with tables perfect for laying out your mineral specimens!
  16. Snowmobile, ATV, Hike or bike the trails
    Snowmobile, ATV, Hike or bike the trails
    Enjoy hiking, mountain biking, ATVing and snowmobiling on scenic trails. Be sure to check out Hike Haliburton. Find trail maps at Agnew's or online at Highlands, Haliburton ATV and Paudash Trail Blazers. Be sure to take the time to find the many geocaches on those trails! At 40 Winks you'll find lots of parking!
  17. Recreation within walking distance
    Recreation within walking distance
    Wilberforce offers an arena, playground, curling club, ball diamond, tennis courts, basketball nets, community centre and lots of trails. You'll be a two minute walk to all of these community facilities. At 40 Winks you'll have a large backyard with horseshoe pits, basketball hoop, hammock and campfire pit.
  18. Art
    We're a talented bunch! Meet the local artists at their studios on the Highlands East Studio Tour or explore, create and appreciate the local scenery during the Plein Air Festival. At 40 Winks you'll find brochures for these events and lots of room to store your purchases!
  19. Interesting Places
    Interesting Places
    Ontario's First Red Cross Outpost Hospital is now a museum and National Historic Site. Find maps for self-guided tours of heritage sites, churches, schools, art installations and cemeteries. You'll be a two minute walk to Red Cross Outpost which is totally free to visit and well worth your time. Be sure to check out all the local heritage books across the road at Agnew's General Store.
  20. Go Skating
    Go Skating
    Bring your skates and take advantage of the free public skating. Sundays from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm. Your only a two minute walk to the rink when you stay at 40 winks. The arena also has lots of ice available for rent at an affordable hourly rate!
  21. Eat Out
    Eat Out
    At 40 Winks you'll find everything you need to cook yourselves something but we all enjoy letting someone else cook once in a while. The restaurant is only steps away from 40 Winks, eat in or take out the food is delicious and they make a great pizza! Plus the Legion is just up the road and they offer a Friday night Spaghetti Dinner or Ham and Scallops depending on the week. They also do a wonderfully tasty and inexpensive breakfast every other Sunday morning.
  22. Dog Sledding
    Dog Sledding
    Try dog sledding in the Highlands
  23. Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides
    Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides
    Pile your family into a horse drawn sleigh ride for a memorable trip through beautiful a hardwood forest and maple syrup bush.

Fun things to do...

Using 40 Winks as home base you can head out in any direction and find a variety of outdoor fun, year round!

We are in the middle of the Geocaching Capital of Canada.  There are a variety of caches to be found and 40 Winks is just the place to start from and come home to after a great day of caching.  The command centre with it's big white board, table for maps and pre-loaded GPS make it an excellent home base for seasoned cachers as well as newbies to geocaching.

Caches aren't all you'll find in the area though.  The tables in the garage at 40 Winks make a great spot to lay out mineral specimens which you'll find in abundance around here! World famous for gem green apatite, deep purple fluorite and large crystals of collector minerals, Highalnds East is proud to offer pubic collecting sites.

The forests are full of multi use trails maintained by different groups.  You can bike, snowmobile, ATV, whatever your pleasure.  At 40 winks you'll find that there's lots of room to park your toys and trailers.

Hike, snowshoe, cross country ski or even horseback ride through Algonquin Provincial Park, Silent Lake Provincial Park or one of the many other places like Glebe Park or Haliburton Forest. Or go downhill skiing at Sir Sam's.

Haliburton Forest also offers a Walk in the Clouds, dog sledding and the wolf centre.

It's easy to get out on the water in the summer.  Lots of lakes, public docks and boat launches.  Bring a boat or rent one here.  Kayaking is an awesome way to see the lake or get up close to a beaver dam in the river. 
Some links to fun
Waterskiing is a popular pasttime but if you need a bit more thrill you can always try parasailing or wake boarding!

There are companies withing a short drive to help you try whatever you're looking for.  In fact you can rent paddle boards kayaks, snowshoes and more within walking distance of 40 Winks!

Fish from shore, from a dock or from a boat. You can even drop a line through a hole in the ice in winter! Fishermen enjoy the variety of fish in the many lakes year round.

Pile the family into a horse drawn sleigh for a memorable ride through a beautiful hardwood forest and maple syrup bush.

Studio Tours and Plein Air, Doors Open and more. There are a lot of talented artists around!

With eash season comes new opportunities for adventure.  Come visit us, stay at 40 Winks and enjoy the natual beauty of the area.  
 see what's within WALKING distance...